Unique Silver Jewelry - "Colorado Textures"

My morning walks have always provided not only peace and recreation, but also inspirational moments when every aspect of nature can be valued for itself. Whether it's triggered by the wild grass seed dancing in the breeze or by a twig in my path, there's always an idea taking hold. Within the "Colorado Textures" Collection you will find the fruits of these inspired moments. Each piece of this handmade silver jewelry is one-of-a-kind and many contain a "replication into silver" of a genuine artifact from the flora of Colorado.

fine silver urchin pendant Fine Silver Pendant
fine silver toggle necklace - cuttlebone texture Cuttlebone Silver Toggle
fine silver square pendantHandmade Silver Pendant
potato vine leaf silver pendantSilver Leaf Necklace


Nature adorns herself with infinite examples of beauty and originality in her creations. From precious stones and glimmering metals to geometric marvels using entire spectrums of color, she produces functional art forms that dazzle and amaze us. This collection of "nature's jewelry" is my homage to her inventiveness, and my recognition that nothing a humble artist creates is ever entirely innovative when compared to nature's gifts. The artist can, however focus her attention on the magnificence of even the most mundane of nature's creations. We can showcase her creations and find ways to make them memorable as we incorporate them into our lifestyles.

The Colorado Textures handcrafted silver jewelry collection is created from Precious Metal Clay that, after firing, renders 99% fine silver jewelry. Each piece begins with original sketchbook designs that are sculpted and textured into works of art containing precious or semi-precious stones.


"Why try so hard to fit in, when you're born to stand out." by Oliver James