Modern Jewelry / Contemporary Jewelry

Most women these days tend to wear the kinds of things that express their lifestyle and individuality. They want simpler, less complicated designs that are functional, versatile and easy to wear.

I challenged myself to produce a collection of modern jewelry while keeping certain words in mind. "Fresh, sleek, clean, flexible and easy" were the kind of ideas that drove the creation of each piece.

triangles in mixed metal necklaceModern Triangle Necklace
silver and copper modern necklaceGeometric Necklace
Triangles in Mixed MetalsMixed Metal Necklace
contemporary necklace with silver, copper and brass leaves  Leaf Necklace in Mixed Metals

But how do you express into wearable art notions like "effortlessness" and "timelessness"? My solution is to use clean lines and uncomplicated finishes with organic and simple shapes. For the first pieces of my contemporary jewelry collection I selected sterling silver, brass and copper.

The result is my Modern Jewelry Collection. It seeks to both define and to streamline lifestyles in constant motion, proving once again that less really is more.


"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." by Coco Chanel