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Bohemian Jewelry  

Who doesn't want to go a bit counter-culture every once in a while! To show a bit of indifference to the social norms. To stand out in the crowd by daring to be different, if just for one night. Let your hair flow. Wear some color. That is why the Bohemian style is so appealing to the jewelry artist. Bohemian jewelry is all about creativity and individuality.

Geometric hammered copper bohemian pendantHammered Copper Geometric Necklace
Copper Bohemian EarringsVerdi Gris Patinaed Copper Dangle Earrings
Turquoise and red sun motif enamel earringsRed Sun Enamel Earrings
Turquoise enamel crescent moon on beaded chainEnamel Crescent on Beaded Necklace

Following the French revolution artists, writers, and intellectuals were plunged into poverty with the demise of the aristocratic class. They learned to live cheaply, wearing their rich and fashionable, but threadbare clothing in a nomadic lifestyle. Over time the artistic class came to reject the bourgeois culture of reason, embracing instead a life of sensuality and imagination. They came to be called Bohemians because of their resemblance to the Gypsies who had originated in Bohemia.

red enamel with draping beads - chandelier earrings

Today's Bohemian style has evolved into a near cult of the individual. It suggests an untamed lifestyle, rejection of materialism, and sexual liberation.It is known for its handcrafted fashions and accessories. And color, color, color!

I style my Bohemian artisan jewelry with an emphasis on rich colors that shout their presence on bold enamel earrings or robust wearable art pendants. The Boho style also demands sensuous chandelier earrings that evoke memories of hippie jewelry, and unique "Boho Chic" necklaces to accent flowing skirts.

Today's Bohemian dresser (and her Bohemian jewelry) is indeed a piece of art. Dare to be different. Indulge your Bohemian dreams with my colorful enamel jewelry, one of a kind bronze jewelry, wearable art pendants and long, draping chandelier earrings.